Statement of Ethics & Business Pracitces 

The following principles constitute the code of conduct which all Directors and employees of Jauharabad Sugar Mills Limited are required to apply in their daily work and observe the code of conduct of the company’s business. While the company will ensure that all employees are fully aware of these principles, it is the responsibility of each employee to implement the Company’s policies, any contraventions against it will be viewed as misconduct towards the code.

The code emphasizes the need for a high standard of honesty and integrity which are vital for the success of any business.

Ethical Principles:

  1. Directors and employees are expected not to engage in any activity which can cause conflict between their personal interest and the interest of the Company such as interest in an organization supplying goods/services to the Company or purchasing its products. In case a relationship with such an organization exists, the same must be disclosed to the Management.
  1. Dealings with third parties which include Government officials, suppliers, buyers, agents and consultants must always ensure that the integrity and reputation of the Company are not in any way compromised.
  1. Directors and employees are not allowed to accept any favours or kickbacks from any organization dealing with the Company.
  1. Directors and employees are not permitted to divulge any confidential information relating to the Company to any unauthorized person, nor should they, while communicating publicly on matters that involve Company business, presume to speak for the Company unless they are certain that the views that they express are those of the Company and it is the Company’s desire that such views be publicly disseminated.
  1. All employees share a responsibility for the Company’s good public relations particularly at the community level. Their readiness to help with religious, charitable, educational and civic activities is accordingly encouraged provided it does not create an obligation that interferes with their commitment to the Company’s best interests.
  1. The Company has strong commitment to the health and safety of its employees and preservation of the environment and the Company will persevere towards achieving continuous improvement of its Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) performance by reducing potential hazards, preventing pollution and improving awareness. Employees are required to operate the Company’s facilities and processes keeping this commitment in view.
  1. Commitment and team work are key elements to ensure that the Company’s work is carried out effectively and efficiently. Also all employees will be equally respected and actions such as sexual harassment and disparaging remarks based on gender, religion, race or ethnicity will be avoided.