Human Resource Management (HRM) is an integral part of our business strategy, The Company fosters leadership, individual accountability and teamwork. Success of the Company solely depends in the quality of its human resource as it is the most valuable ingredient that adds remarkable contributions towards growth. The Company being one of the major player in Pakistan’s sugar sector has a wide range of professionals having skilled expertise in their field with affiliations in the prestigious local and foreign universities. The Company safeguards the right of its employees by providing health care, safe and secure environment and right compensation. The Company targets to achieve the following parametersthrough its HRM policy as:

  • An individual goes through an excessive recruitment and selection process before being a part of the Company. Selecting the right person, with the right experience, at the right time, offering the right compensation.
  • Developing Management philosophies and practice to promote and encourage motivation and retention of best employees.
  • Skills enhancement workshops and seminars for the hard working and motivated employees are being conducted on regular basis to further strengthen the skills possessed by an individual being the part of our team.
  • Always encourages the young, talented and recent graduates to join our company. A six-week paid internship is being offered to students which narrows the gap between theoretical studies and practical work.
  • Annually, the Company conducts an event which rewards the employees who has made significant contribution to our company, to build a motivation among employee to bring further improvement and innovation in team work.
  • Nurture a climate of open communication between management and employees.
  • Disability has always been a source of concern when it comes to employment opportunities in our country. However, The Company has always kept a certain ratio for disable employees which keep a sustainable positive difference in the quality of life.
  • Making all reasonable effort to achieve a high-quality work life balance.
  • Committed to create a friendly trained workforce that is not just aiming to fulfill organizational targets but individual goals too.
  • Fostering the concept of team work and synergetic effort.