The Company is committed to build strong corporate culture that is shaped by motivated team who demonstrate deep believe in company’s vision and values. Success of the Company undoubtedly lies in the tired-less efforts of its human resources. The Company has developed a performance review process, based on following objectives, in order to recognize employees’ contributions and right compensation.


  • Giving a sense of direction and challenge to the individual and their team through role clarity.
  • Helping different functions and departments to go beyond targets and benchmarks and take quantum jumps.
  • Creating a supportive and empowering culture in the organization
  • Identify talent for succession planning
  • Identifying employees with long term growth potential
  • Identifying employees performing below expectation and what inputs are required to improve their performance.
  • To ensuring growth of employees for organizational perpetuity.
  • Creating total quality environment by enhancing the commitment of people in terms of productivity, quality, technology, structure and systems.