Emergency Health Care Unit- Incase of any accident/ misshape, company provides first aid facilities and medicines on immediately bases and the injured are then transported to nearby hospitals for their further treatments. A 24/7 stand by ambulance service is available with HCU.

Subsidize Supply of Basic Necessities- The Company has extended subsidies against basic necessities including accommodation, food, security and electricity for its employees.

Umrah Scholarships- The Company has created a fund for its employees in order to facilitate them to perform their religious duties. In this context, TWO employees, chosen through simple balloting are sent to perform UMRAH, annually, where the Company, through the said fund, pays all the expenses.

Sports & Recreation- Annual tournaments for cricket, football and tennis are sponsored by the Company for the healthy competition and participation of all employees.

Financial Assistance- A yearly fund of Rs. 500,000/- has been created by the Company in order to support families of its deceased employees. The said fund is distributed on required bases.