• One of Jauharbad Sugar’s key goals is to protect the health and safety of our employees, contractors, visitors and the general community. In Jauaharabad Sugar Mills Limited, we are guided by a set of values that define who we are and the way we work. With integrity and safety at the core of these values, we strive to minimize our environmental impact and ensure our people return home to their family and friends as healthy as when they start each day. The Safety, Health and Environment management system is designed to prevent injuries and environmental incidents. It ensures there is a systematic approach to management that a strong Safety, Health and Environment culture and level of awareness is established and legal obligations are met. Good management of safety, health and the environment is an essential part of doing business today.


Environmental Policy:

  • Jauharabad Sugar Mills Limited is committed to a clean and healthy environment and strives for the environmental excellence and continual improvement of environmental management system. The management and staff of Jauharabad Sugar Mills are committed to produce sugar in healthy, clean & congenial environment free of all hazards. To achieve this, we will establish and maintain environmental objectives and targets in accordance to our environmental policy and meet the following:

Regulatory Compliance:

  • Jauharabad Sugar Mills Ltd. is committed to comply with relevant environmental legislation and regulations and with other requirements that we subscribe to meet.

Prevention of Pollution:

  • Jauharabad Sugar Mills Ltd. is committed to prevention of pollution. We will minimize waste release to the air, water or land