Jauharabad Sugar Mills Limited is committed to achieve excellence in occupational safety, health and environmental protection. Ensuring health and safety requires both the management and employees to be actively involved and committed to health and safety policy. Jauharabad Sugar Mills Limited encourages the employees to have a better communication about safe practices with higher level administrators to better assimilate the safety, health and environmental policy of the Company. Due to this, positive impact has been registered by the Company in terms of number of incidents per machine-hours. Our goal in respect of safety, health and environment is to minimize all adverse environmental and health impact arising out of our operations and to conserve all kind of resources and adhere to all legal regulations.

The Company is continuously striving to minimize accidental risks associated with the industry by providing safety equipment, fire management tools and air emission monitoring. To make it more convenient for the low-level employees to understand, the Companythrough presentations ensures that everyone is well-aware of risksassociated to machinery and usageof protection equipment. Apart from this, even vernacular language is recommended in order to have a better understanding of safety measures and signs. Management has taken all possible measures and methods to establish priorities and objectives for eliminating hazards and reducing risks factors.

Maintenance of health and safety standards at our mills and offices is our top priority. The Company is committed to actively manage health and safety risks associated with our business and is actively working towards improving our procedures to reduce, remove or control the risk of fire, accidents or injuries to employees and visitors. The Company strives to provide a safe and healthy workplace for its employees and to act responsibly towards the communities and environment, in which it operates. It realizes this through the commitment of its leadership, the dedication of its staff, and application of the highest professional standards of work. Management takes all possible measures to prevent unsafe activities by its hiring practices and through the implementation of effective management, human resources and operational policies.